Petra Systems & Security Consulting, LLC.

Petra Systems & Security Consulting provides computer consulting and network security services to the greater Phoenix valley.

Computer Consulting Services

Petra offers a full line of computer consulting services for your home or business. On top of basic PC and server repair(mac included) we can install entire networks from the ground up including switches, routers, printers and custom cabling. We perform data recovery on crashed hard drives. and specialize in VPN router installation and wireless security. Initial consultations are always free and our rates are very competetive for the Phoenix area. We would encourage you to browse through our security resource pages for definitions of common terms, free firewall, anti-spyware and antivirus downloads. If you have any questions at all about services, qualifications or an appointment please contact us.

Remote Access

Do you want the ability to run your business from home? Petra has VPN router solutions for remote access starting under $650! Rather than risk exposing your office computers directly to the internet and using software like PCAnywhere, a VPN setup puts your office behind a business class firewall and creates an encrypted tunnel for you or your employees to safely access network resources through. Access is limited to only those clients with a specific encryption key or certificate and is truly the best way to provide work from home access.

Wireless Network Security

Need wireless access in your home or office? Did you know that without proper encryption anyone with a wireless card and a laptop could be sharing your broadband access and surfing your network for unprotected data? WEP and WPA are the current encryption standards for wireless networks and can be set up quickly and economically by our wireless pros.

Vulnerability Assessment

How would you like to know how vulnerable your network is to hackers, viruses, spyware and spam? Petra offers several levels of vulnerability assessments from quick port scans to full blown penetration testing (ethical hacking) and data extraction.

Qualified Administrators

We can offer you some of the most experienced and qualified administrators in Arizona at prices friendly to small businesses as well as home users including mac consulting and repair!