Data Recovery Services

    Initial analysis is only $99

Hard drive crash? Lose your term paper? Accidentally format your hard drive? OS upgrade delete your documents?

  • Petra can help! We offer professional data recovery at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

We will analyze your drive for recoverable data and report the findings back to you for $99. We will even come to you and extract the hardware if necessary. Pay the recovery fees for only the files you want restored.

    The process of recovering your data:


Once we receive your hard drive it will be analyzed by a data recovery specialist. We will provide you with our initial diagnosis, total recovery cost and estimated completion date within 48 hours of receiving your hard drive.


Once we receive your approval to proceed, your hard drive will be copied to a secondary storage device (This protects the integrity of your data as all recovery procedures are performed on a copy of your original drive).

Data Security

Keeping your data private and secure is paramount for us. We will gladly provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement if desired. However, We treat your data as confidential with or without an agreement.

Returning Your Data

If your hard drive is repairable and stable we will return your data on your repaired drive. If your drive cannot be repaired, we can return your recovered data in a variety of ways, including copying it to a new hard drive, writeable CD/DVD, Zip/Jazz cartridge, or USB key. Your data will remain archived with us for 1 month to ensure successful recovery of your data. Once a month has elapsed or you request your data purged, we will secure erase all data in our possession.